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I have been really interested in purchasing my first drone after much research and decided on the Mavic Mini Fly More with your company however I would like to purchase with the educational discount.

I applied on July 3rd 2020 and to this day August 2nd 2020 still have not gotten the coupon after being discussing with numerous representative and even applying twice mid July.

Same statements check your spam no its not there I am not a idiot I check my spam numerous times and wrong department - the email is no longer valid for the educational discount it refers me to email the main support email then again the run around contact each other followed by weeks of silence.

This is my final attempt if you could please honor the educational discount and send me extra for the trouble I may be a potential valuable customer - I have been ready to purchase since July 3rd 2020.

I understand due to COVID there are delays but it is a bit ridiculous to go through all this trouble I will take this as potential sign from the heavens to avoid your company for potential trouble in the future and I go with another competitor that actually responds with no broken promises.

( To those who are new like me if your reading this caveat emptor thread carefully )
8-1 21:48
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DJI Susan


I am sincerely sorry for the difficulties you had experienced in applying the discount. I had pulled out your email and I will ask the proper team to check the issue asap in working hours, and provide you an update regarding your education discount issue. Thank you for your patience.
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