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pre-purchase questions
537 4 2020-8-1
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Am considering the purchase of Mavic 2 Zoom

If anyone can answer the following I'd be most appreciative.

1 If I buy the standard kit, will the RC that comes with it allow me to connect an iPad mini for the screen?

    WIll I need to purchase an additional device to permit the ipad mini to sit on the RC? If so, any recommendations?

2 Will an iPad mini 4 or iPad mini 2 work with the Mavic 2?

Looking at this item - ... _zoom.html/overview

3 Are there any major issues with the most recent firmware? I suffered through much grief with the FW updates on the Phantom 3 Pro.

4 How does Mavic 2 Zoom handle wind compared to the Phantom 3 Pro?

    I can fly on a new/newish battery with little or no wind out 3 miles and back with no issues with battery lasting

    I also can fly into a moderately stiff wind out 1.75 miles and back with no issues. Landing can be sporty, but doable.

5 My Phantom 3 Pro has better sides, in terms of signal strength when it is far away. If I orient it certain ways relative to me, I can keep contact with it more reliably.

    How does the Mavic 2 fare in this way?

6 Any other issues to be aware of with the Mavic 2 Zoom?

7 Are any new devices coming out soon that could change the market price of existing products?

thank you in advance for any tips.

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1.  Yes, an iPad user can answer part 2.
2.  The Mini 2 is too old and slow but the Mini 4 should work
3.  No (forum chat about firmware updates is mostly inaccurate)
4.  About the same
5.  About the same
6.  No
7.  None that are known of (and there won't be anything known until just a week or two before any new releases)
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I have the Zoom and it is an amazing piece of equipment, handles the wind like a star and mine is very reliable. Never had any issues with firmware updates but I always load the firmware twice and do IMU calibrate after I load any new firmware.
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I use my Mavic 2 Zoom with an iPad Air, and I have to say the experience is much better than with the android (Samsung) phone I used before.  But even an iPad mini will be too big to fit into the standard controller arms.  You will need a tablet stand holder.  I use the Skyreat model, which I can recommend as easy to use and good quality ... i+mavic+ipad+holder
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As you can see from my DJI owned Icons. I have the Zoom and the P3 Pro. The Zoom has better signal strength in all regards. It is also better in the wind. Its an Equivalent to my P4 Pro +. I would recommend that you buy the smartcontroller with the Zoom. It has a significantly brighter screen than you will get with Smartdevices, Offers more connections options like HDMI output to FPV systems etc. And is discounted if you buy as a package. Make sure you get the flymore combo. I also recommend the Mavic 2 DJI carry case.
p.s. I fly it more often than my Mavic 2 Pro. Love the Zoom capability Its fantastic for filming in places where you have to prevent overflying spectators.     
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