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Mavic 2 Pro / Go4 Waypoints and camera control
523 0 2020-8-4
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Hi all,

I've been out a few times trying out something in Waypoints in Go4 with a Mavic2Pro, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to be able to set 2 (or more) waypoints, which the M2P will fly independently, while I control the gimbal/camera by the touch and hold method on the screen, while shooting video. Setting and flying waypoints is fine, but the only way I can see of controlling the camera is by rotating the drone and tilting the gimbal, or programming with the waypoints.

The touch and hold method gives far better control over the camera and it would seem to be very straightforward to just be able to set waypoints and control it that way. Maybe I'm missing something? Is Waypoints the right way to go?

I want to continue using Go4 and I'm using an iPhone 11Pro Max or an iPad. Incidentally, being able to mirror from one onto the other would be fantastic! I know, I'm asking too much there.

Many thanks
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