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Original Firmware: Phantom 3 Standard
484 0 8-5 02:30
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Flight distance : 169902 ft
United States

Good day all, and thanks in advance.  I had (crashed it) a P3S that had never been flown with the app and the Navy CPO I got it from told me that it had the original firmware.  It had no gimbal when I hought it.  It would fly so high that I almost couldn't see it.  I've just bought another, sans gimbal, and thevfirmware updates have it locked to about 100 feet.  I need a solid lead on how to return the firmware to original.  What I do not need is advice on how high I'm supposed to fly (in back woods WV), how to look up Youtube videos, or how to read an owner's manual.  A link to the instructions or downloads would be very much appreciated.  Happy flying, y'all.
8-5 02:30
Use props
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