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Common Reasons why App Registration Fails
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The first time the application is initialized after installation, it connects to a DJI Server to verify it's authorized to use the DJI Mobile SDK by sending the Application Key. This process is called registration.

Reasons why registration might fail include:
  • Application needs internet connectivity the first time it is run after installation (successful registration is locally cached, so internet connectivity is not required after the first initialization).
  • App key is incorrect. Check in the Developer Center to confirm the application key, or create one if it hasn't been created yet.
  • Bundle Identifier (iOS) or Package Name (Android) isn't the same as the one associated with the App Key. See how to create an application key and associate it with the correct application identifier.
  • If you are using iOS 10, please check here to enable "Data Protection" in your Xcode project.

Sample App Tips:
  • iOS Sample App - you will need to make a completely new unique bundle ID and unique App ID to use in the sample app
  • Android App - you need to match the package name already listed in the sample app when generating a unique App ID

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