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Missing Feature - Mounting of Action Cameras.
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As the former owner of an Osmo Mobile 2; I was very disappointed to discover that the vastly improved Osmo Mobile 3 does not support my action cam in a mount any longer. Especially since I sold my Mobile 2 a few weeks earlier to purchase the Mobile 3. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed in firmware for the Mobile 3 or if I have to wait for the Mobile 4 to be released. Maybe DJI can make their mount for their Osmo Action for the Mobile 3. I'd prefer something more universal than can you the more common GoPro sized cameras (even off brands have stuck to roughly the same dimensions) but beggars can't be choosers.

I know some people are saying that action cameras have built-in stabilization but like stabilization built into cell phones, it is wholely incapable when compared to the stabilization of both gimbal and camera/phone together. There are a couple of reasons why I don't like to use my phone for filming. First is that my phone is primarily that; my communications device. I rely on it too much to dedicate it to filming for part of the day. Second, if I have to use my phone for filming I usually use it for controlling my drone while filming the same subject and getting sound from the ground-based action cam along with video footage from a different perspective. I also own a DJI Osmo Pocket Cam that asks for my phone to control it and there are times in which I have used all three at once and then merged the two or three videos into a single project.

I'd like to hear other users of action cams and the Osmo Mobile 3 what they use the combination of devices for. Maybe we can convince DJI what a mistake they made when releasing the Osmo Mobile 3 and not having it support action cams in some sort of holder.


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