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Question concerning the effects of sync'ing DAT logs
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I believe that if you ''sync'' the DAT logs from the likes of the M2P/Z and Mini the original logs on the drone are wiped, question 1, is that correct?
If it is correct then, question 2) is the numbering scheme of the DAT files retained i.e. if the last DAT file had the number 45 will the next recorded DAT file have the number 46?

I realise it's a bit of a complicated process to see the DAT file numbers from the files on the drone but it can be done and I also realise that those DAT files themselves are 'unreadable'.

But I assume the DAT files recorded on the phone take their numbering from the DAT files on the drone.

I would also ask, does anyone know why DJI have limited the counter to 099? The next DAT file becomes 000.

8-9 15:02
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