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Flight distance : 934400 ft
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United States

Hey there,

I have been wanting a M2ED ever since it came out. I have a P4PV2.0 now and have used it heavily over the last 18 months making a decent sideline income doing real estate jobs.

I am not looking to make money with the M2ED, but mainly want it to do volunteer work for local fire, police and EMS. Will the FLIR camera perform satisfactory for search and rescue? During the daylight and night hours? BTW, I currently have been called on for S&R on numerous occassions, as well as being a member of the local fire department and travel as their department photographer.

And second question, will the other camera produce quality photos or will I need to lug around both drones?

I am Part 107 and also insured.
8-9 16:55
Use props
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