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Mavic Air 2 lost and drowned in the Russian lake
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Georgy Gladkov
Flight distance : 35755 ft


I lost my new Mavic Air 2. It happened 3 days ago.
near St. Petersburg, Russia

Bought a week ago from DJI Official Store. (Https://

It was a mysterious and unexpected loss of signal 100 meters from me.

Takeoff (with a good GPS signal and all safety - according to the instructions)
Was far from the city, good weather, weak wind 4 m / s, flew around the island, took the necessary frames and flew 13% back to the point of the house. 150-200 meters left
The drone was flying over the water in my direction, suddenly lost contact with the remote control.
The remote did not show GPS and compass
and I was trying to do something. But he didn't answer my commands. I tried my best with the controller, but only tried to pick it up and point it to the ground. but there was no more signal - so I didn't even pilot it (soon the connection was completely cut off, and at the last moment I saw, it seemed, the drone landed on the water

I was sailing in a boat, according to the coordinates - where the drone fell into the water and after 10 minutes it disappeared.

We don't have official services in Russia, and I don't have my new favorite drone right now - what should I do?
Please help me
Regards, Georgiy

8-10 04:27
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DJI Natalia


Hi Georgy, we are so sorry for your loss, if the drone is still under warranty, please contact our support team to start a ticket for the data analysis, we will help to check what happened and provide the proper resolution.
8-10 05:23
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