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The End of the Inspire 2???
418 3 8-19 23:52
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Why is it so cheap to buy the Inspire2 Raw with all the license  Cinema DNG and ProRes + Cendence Controller for 2500,- Swissfrancs or 2300€??? ... 788S2saAge0EALw_wcB
8-19 23:52
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. With regards to this matter. Upon checking this website is not listed on the DJI Official Online Store to purchase genuine DJI products online please visit our official DJI where to buy webpage. Thank you.

8-20 09:06
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Matthew Dobrski
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We can't possibly know why this particular deal is looking so good, but Inspire 2 is far from EOL. This platform will deliver stunning aerial imagery for years to come ...
8-22 09:20
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The answer is easy.
Steg, a trusted Swiss electronic online retailer has stock.
From January 1st 2021 there will be new airspace rules from EASA. These rules require any drone in Europe to have a CE and new EASA conform class ranking.
If it does not have these certifications it will fall in a category where you can't fly in any urban area anymore. From 2022 it will also require additional pilot licening to be flown at all.

So Steg probably wants to get rid of stock before no one in Europe will buy it anymore.
The offer also does not include any cam.
8-23 04:44
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