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Another Inspire 2 - depending on option for License transfer
739 1 2020-8-22
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Hey DJI-Team and interested readers,
so we had an inspire 2 crash last week due to an infinite quick-spin-malfunction. The Inspire 2 was turning itself while the x5s camera was turning in different direction and let the inspire turn yet another round... and another... after 8 rounds the bird came down. so the crash was caused by a software/hardware malfunction and not because of incorrect opteration.

Now we are considering getting another Inspire 2 with x7 this time or buying into a bigger drone. (Alta 6 or 8 for heavy Camera carrying) The Purchase-Decision is dependant if it is possible to transfer or delete the ProRes/DNG Licenses from our crashed inspire 2 to a new one. Is there any workflow/process in charge for that?
I dont think we will buy another I2 if it isn`t possible because we already have capable Camera in office and therefor only would need another drone capable of carrying this hardware.

with kind regards
High Vision GmbH
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Matthew Dobrski
First Officer
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It is certainly possible, particularly since the Cinecore module from crashed Inspire is retrievable. The license is tied to a module SN, not to aircraft SN. BTDT. Unfortunately the license transfer can be done by authorized DJI Repair Service centre only, therefore you must negotiate such service directly with them. Tip: don't waste time for online chatting, establish direct phone/e-mail contact with higher rank in engineering dept of DJI Service, and be prepared for frustrating interrogation ...
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