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Ground Station Pro with Smart Controller? Export to Smart Control...
189 0 2020-8-25
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United Kingdom

So I've been wondering if there was a way to install DJi Ground Station Pro on say "My Macbook Pro' and then export my created waypoint missons from that to the smart controller?be it via USB or SD card. Would actually be awesome to be able to preload Waypoint missions onto a UsB drive or SD card and then load them onto the smart controller using the USB, or SD card slot.

I'm aware that Ground Station Pro is sadly an Apple Ios Only at this moment in time (still waiting for that android version Dji?...) but an ability to export created missions from ground station to usb or sd card which then makes it avaiulable to load up on the smart controller, would be a god send, and ease workflow for people that run repeated missions (like myself) on the regular.

I'm unsure if this is a feature that is already available?

I'm also aware of Dji Pilot SE being able to be used on the smart controller but i'm unsure if it has similar features as the Dji Ground Station Pro, as i'm not too knowledgable on both.

But basically what im asking Dji and others is:

I- s there a way to export your Waypoint Missons from Ground Station Pro or similar to USB or SD Card to then load up on the smart controller or export to the dji Go 4 app on the smart controller,using its inbuilt ports.

I'm sure if its not, that DJI could find a way to implement this in a firmware update, it would honestly be a lifesaver.

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