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Inspire 1 Pro X5 failed firmware update
234 2 8-30 01:36
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Flight distance : 2187264 ft


DJI Go app was nagging for a FW update so I downloaded the FW WM610_FC550_FW_V01.11.01.50, formatted the SD card in the X5, copied the FW, shut down the RC, inserted the SD card and started the process...

So far so good, but then the Inspire started loud beeping (the motors beeping, not the camera) and then the camera made a long beep (or more like bzzzzrrr) so I shut down the drone and pulled the SD card. Here is the result of the LOG in MISC dir:

[00006748]Version checking[1]...
[00006795][04 00][00] v1.31.1.67 -> v1.31.1.67 need upgrade.
[00006847][08 00][00] v2.14.9.42 -> v2.14.9.42 need upgrade.
[00006889][01 00][00] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379 need upgrade
[00006930][01 01][00] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379 need upgrade
[00006983][01 04][00] v0.5.5085 -> v0.5.5085 need upgrade
[00019525][03 05][00] device not detected.
[00032065][03 06][00] device not detected.
[00032142][05 00][00] v3.0.6.2 -> v3.0.6.2 need upgrade.
[00032192][09 00][00] v5.0.0.0 -> v5.0.0.0 need upgrade.
[00032282][11 00][00] v3.9.0.0 -> v3.9.0.0 need upgrade.
[00044822][12 00][00] device not detected.
[00057361][12 01][00] device not detected.
[00069899][12 02][00] device not detected.
[00082440][12 03][00] device not detected.
[00082575][15 00][00] v1.1.2.0 -> v1.1.2.0 need upgrade.
[00082641][17 00][00] v1.1.0.8 -> v1.1.0.8 need upgrade.
[00082761][17 01][00] v2.0.1.6 -> v2.0.1.6 need upgrade.
[00082806][19 00][00] v1.0.8.96 -> v1.0.8.96 need upgrade.

And everything was fine before attempting the FW update. Never any issue, logs were always normal.

Now the drone just beeps loudly and the X5 hangs at a weird angle and doesn't respond to controls, even though video feed to the RC, focus and camera controls work, gimbal control does not.

Lastly, the RC connects to the Inspire, and says 'ready to fly' but the actual drone icon and IMU screen shows 'disconnected'.

Any advice on how to unbrick my drone?

inspire main screen.jpeg
inspire error screen.jpeg
inspire IMU screen.jpeg
inspsire status screen.jpeg
8-30 01:36
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Flight distance : 2187264 ft


NOTE: I unplugged, inspected and re-attached the 2 gimbal connecting wires, everything looks tight, clean and like new.
8-30 01:39
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Flight distance : 2187264 ft


UPDATE: replaced the NCORE and everything works fine. Got a new unit from a seller near Amsterdam for €100 and was simple to swap.
9-1 03:30
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