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Will the inspire 2 glide or auto brake on sport mode?
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Does the inspire 2 glide or auto brake when we let go of the sticks while moving?

It's such a nice feature to have it glide and not auto brake on the inspire 1 atti mode.

Just wondering before purchase
9-1 02:57
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Matthew Dobrski
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P-Mode and S-Mode = auto braking. A-mode = no braking. All DJI drones with these 3 modes are behaving the same way, including Inspire 2.
9-1 19:38
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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to DJI Forum. With regards to this query. As Matthew Dobrski advised at post #2 the DJI Inspire 2 will auto brake at P-mode and S-Mode. For more information regarding the said unit please visit our official DJI Inspire 2 Manual. Thank you.
9-2 08:16
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