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Dronie, rocket distance settings?
261 2 9-3 18:09
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Sorry if i am way late to this party, but i havent updated my app in some time, and i'm sure somewhere there is a thread on this, but who knows where it is buried.
Where are the distance settings for dronie and rocket now?

The distance when i dronie after the recent update is way too short, so why bother having it as a feature, whe you could just manually dronie, but want no chance of accidental stick movement.

9-3 18:09
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Hi. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused. With regards to this concern. To open the distance settings for the Dronie and Rocket, once the QuickShot is open and the subject is set, please tap the icon of the Dronie or Rocket twice and the distance settings will pop up. Thank you.
9-4 07:20
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I always find doing drones manually better on any drone
9-18 14:03
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