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DJI Fly App Issues and Improvements
684 3 2020-9-5
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People on this forum really don't like it when someone make a mistake... so too bad here's a list of all the issues I have with the DJI Fly App with some improvements I'd like to see.

These are mostly usability things, Mavic Air 2 is what I'm using for reference.

  • App icons are located a little to high up, causing the notifcation drop down menu to appear (Android)
  • No way to transfer internally stored files with Mavic Air 2 to the SD Card, or no visually easy way to do so
  • Flight updates under "Flight Data Centre" don't always upload correctly (says 5 or 4 flights need uploading but when going back in it will still say they haven't been uploaded)
  • Drone refuses to fly closer than 10m to an object with "Obstacle Avoidance"

  • Unable to tie DJI forum ID to your DJI ID
  • Auto Sync flights over wifi... why not "Mobile Data" as well?
  • Flat colour profile added to photos, seems to not be an option at least with the 48MP camera option (last I checked, I don't really take photos much)?
  • When a new feature is added, add a "Updated window" that says features you might want to try
  • With added features please don't automatically have them enabled... like the no left and right movement with "Obstacle Avoidance"
  • Ability to change the Obstacle Avoidance tolerance, yes this will introduce more user error but would be awesome
  • Ability to lower volume of beeps and maybe change it to full vibration on the phone?
  • DJI Goggles for FPV...
  • Alternative FPV Goggle support... $549 for goggles!?!? I'd rather buy a second hand VIVE and use that if I could (or other cheaper alternatives
  • Auto discharge battery options
  • Auto discharge warnings for every battery the drone has connected to... potentially based on an app timer tied to the serial number of each battery
  • More colour profiles
  • User configurable colour profiles
  • Enable or disable sharpening, or change sharpening tolerance

Anyone else have anything they'd like to add feel free.
This isn't an app requirement but does DJI offer a non right angle Usb C Male to Female adapter for the RC (phone end)... I find it annoying this forces us to not use cases on our phones?

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Hi Madagain,

The issue with the obstacle avoidance I don't recognize,

But in addition to your list,
I'd love to see the stick sensitivity setting in the Fly app. (like in de go4 app)
Then I'll be able to manage my own smoothness.

Now I experience several times that the ma2 yaws past the subject.

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  • >>>
United Kingdom

Thanks for sharing
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That's what I'm here for... it's the little things
5-15 11:49
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