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Landing Confirmation
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North Macedonia


I was on one hill up to one lake (Ohrid, Macedonia), altitude 30m up to the lake.

I launched my Mini with 13 satelites or more, going horizontaly to the lake. The water was transparent and perfectly flat.

At a horizontal distance of 50m I started to go down using only the left joystick. Few seconds after, at -3m I received the message anouncing "landing". Fortunatly I pushed immediatly the left joystick and the drone went up.

My feeling is that without my fast reaction, the motors could stop and the drone falling down from 27 m !

Why is there no confirmation procedure before landing ?

It could be one solution to avoid this risk of falling down in the water.

What do you think ?
9-7 11:31
Use props
Second Officer
United States

What application were you using?  I'm guessing you were using DJI Fly app and  you should post this question to DJI's main forum here: ... peid&typeid=712

This forum is primarily for developers who use DJI's SDK to build their own custom 3rd party apps
9-8 13:30
Use props
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