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Tello shows a video lag.
1396 1 2020-9-18
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Flight distance : 200486 ft

Hi guys, good day! My Tello shows a video lag for a second or two while positioning the aircraft (not to be confused, while recording the video). Is this normal? If no, how could I avoid this, thank you.

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Sorry for not replying timely.

The image transmission is done via wifi and the wifi range tends to be infulenced by electromagnetic interference, please turn off other wireless equipment while you are flying the aircraft and do not fly in areas where magnetic or radio interference may occur such as close to : WIFI hotspots, routers, Bluetooth devices, high voltage lines, high voltage power transmission stations, mobile base stations, or broadcasting towers. For more details, please refer to the manuals in RYZE official website.

Besides that, it is also recommended to use compatible device, some Android devices may have the problem of compatiblity and stability. For models of compatible devices, please refer to the list on RYZE official website.

Hope my reply could help you.
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