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United States

Watching a Youtube video produced by an influencer by the name Wranglerstar I call B.S.
He stated a drone was over his property and that he was actually a drone pilot and knows the rules. He commented it is illegal to fly a drone over a private residence less than 400 feet altitude. He titled his video can you shoot a drone down over your property. That should have told me he was an idiot. The little I know of the laws 400' is the max altitude. Is anyone aware of a minimum altitude requirement over private property?
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United Kingdom

In the UK you are not permitted to fly within 50m (165 feet) of any buildings or people that are not in your control. You can fly over single buildings and small groups of people in open areas that are away from built up and congested areas (towns, cities etc) at that altitude providing you are not causing a public disturbance in doing so and not intentionally invading anyones privacy. So whilst it is not advisable to fly a drone over a building (especially someones home) it is technically not illegal.

The drone is also your personal property and it is nobody's right to destroy it. Getting out a shot gun and shooting at your drone in a public area would see that person sent to prison here...
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