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QR codes online processing - Android application
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I created an application that gets the bitmap from the fpvwidget and with this image I do a scanner of all qr-codes that exists in the bitmap with the google vision library. The problem of using the fpvwidget is that the quality of the image is always low compared with the image taken from the drone. Is there any possibility to get this frame with more high quality?

The way that I get the bitmap:

frame = fpvWidget.getBitmap();
String result = ImageDetector.readBarCode(frame, CompleteWidgetActivity.this.getApplicationContext());

Thanks in advanced.
9-21 09:31
Use props
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To get a higher quality use MSDK APIs to go down a level for access to raw video feed using VideoFeeder: ... DJIVideoFeeder.html

Here is a tutorial Android Video Stream Decoding Sample: ... ple-code/index.html
9-21 16:30
Use props
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