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Smart controllers customers beware
841 1 2020-9-25
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For all of you Smart Controller folks, beware of the situation that us Crystal Sky Users are running into. We have been having issues with DJI since December of last year. They refuse to help us out with support for our product and actually made the device worse with the last firmware. Be careful of the updates and make sure you guys get reports before you start updating your device.  

Unfortunately , this is not a reputable company and all is well if nothing goes wrong. Once something goes wrong, it's a nghtmare.

I share the post that I posted in the DJI Crystal Sky forum as you guys might be next.

Best of luck!


I have tracked your responses to a lot of the questions we have asked  you regarding the Crystal Sky. Time and time you have told us more and  more non-truths with your answers. Why can't you be up front and just  tell us the truth that you just don't care about our issues. That once  the sale is over, we are on our own.

I used to be your biggest fan and than I got screwed by you guys time  and time again. I have never had such terrible customer support in all  my life. Horrible!

Let me refresh your recollection on the Crystal Sky matter and my communications with you.

1) When my wife got me the Mavic Mini, I was told that it would not work with the Crystal Sky because, in your words the "Mavic Mini  was an entry level drone and would not work with the DJI Fly which was a  64 bit program and would therefore not work with the Crystal Sky" You  also told us that the DJI Fly program was meant to be for "entry level  drones".

Thats a lie as you introduced your most sophisticated drone in the Mavic Air 2 and gues what, its on the DJI Fly software.

2) Companies like Litchi and DroneLink are all supporting the Mavic Mini  with thier 32 bit programs which I was able to install on the Crystal  Sky. They work fine. I know your lines so please don't tell us the  warrenty would be voided. At least I can fly the thing now.

3) We now come to find that the DJI Smart Controller, which is also a 32 bit device now supports the DJI Fly software for the Mavic Air 2 and I suspect the Mavic Mini.  Here's the question, why do you support one group and not another? We  are customers also and you seem to ignore the whole bunch of us. The  Crystal sky is more than capable of running the new DJI Fly software.

4) Why do you put out a firmware update to the Crystal Sky that  ultimately renders the device useless. More and more people are  complaining of the terrible results that this last firmware caused? Why  not put some firmware out that allows your users to go back to earlier  firmware if they have issues? Once again, non support.

Now as a group we look into taking matter into ourr own hands. That  being hacking the thing so that we can use it. i am fortunate that I  have not updated my devices before reading the reports on the new  firmware you put out.

All we ask as a group is a little honesty. I dont want to sound  prejudice in any manner but it does not say much for your company and  culture when you guys do not stand behind your products.

I have not bought another DJI product since I first reported this isssue  way back in December. Sad because you make great suff, just terrible  Customer support. I could probably work for you because I know every  line you put out there and can repeat them if you like.

Stand up as a company and do the right thing by your customers. Great  products only go so far, it's what comes afterwards that really defines a  companies honor  and reputation.

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