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This is a collection of useful forum topics that over time have become buried in the pages of the forum. So we have collected them here in one place for everyone’s convenience.  You’ll find helpful articles and tutorials from DJI Agents and developers.  
Revisit this page often as it will be updated and please feel free to put in comments if I’ve missed any that you think should be included here.
~Lisa, DJI Developer Relations


Useful Hardware Info and Charts

Common Reasons why App Registration Fails

New LDM License - do you need to apply?

Offline Mode - How to use SDK without Internet

What is the Bridge App and Why use it?

Can I use the MSDK to request a Custom Unlock in the App?

How to include Flyzones in your app

Can you use DJI SDK to create drone swarms?

Tactical Guide - Frame drop in live streaming? Caused by your phone

Calculate the distance between lat/lon coordinates

Can two apps be used at the same time on one DJI drone?

How to get the acceleration of the drone with MSDK

How to set the resolution for a live view video stream

Does MSDK support obtaining Absolute Altitude?

Why is it slow to register an MSDK app for the first time?

UX SDK Specific

How to use both UX SDK 4.x and 5.0 Beta in one iOS Project?


[DJI Certified]How to make your MSDK app a better UI experience

Augmented Reality Demo- Tutorial

DJI Mobile and UX SDK Tutorials

Missions and Automated Flight

DJI Waypoint Mission shootPhotoDistanceInterval

Timeline best practice 1, iOS swift 5, virtual stick   

Performance issues with Virtual Sticks and Mavic Mini

Introduction to Waypoint 2.0 with Sample Code

[DJI Certified] Intro to Virtual Stick: Beyond Waypoints

Waypoint planning with Waypoint 2.0

Drone and Hardware Specific

How to switch flight modes on the Mavic Mini with the MSDK

Automate flight with the Mavic Mini

Does the MSDK support a P4R RC with built-in Monitor

Are Waypoint missions exposed with SDK support of Mavic Mini?

How to have multiple Sparks running at the same time

How to make the Mavic 2 Pro Hardware photo buttons work  

MSX Level Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual

Mavic Mini full automatic 360° x 180° panorama

How to install your own APP on DJI's smart controller

AEB 5 with the Mavic Mini?

Automated AEB Panoramas with the Mavic Mini

Android Specific:

What Android Devices are Supported by the MSDK and the UX SDK?

How to find the processor type on an Android device

How to reduce the size of APK?

How do I run the MSDK on the Android Studio Emulator?

Tactical Guide - Reduce the size of your MSDK APK

iOS Specific

When is an MFi recert needed?

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Flight distance : 323540 ft
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Thanks a lot.
Very helpful!
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Thanks for sharing.
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Very helpful links - many thanks for sharing
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Flight distance : 10391991 ft
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Pretty well covered!
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Flight distance : 4129268 ft
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Thank you so much for sharing!
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