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How NOT to get blocked...I think.
594 0 2015-6-25
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Sky Ninja

United States

In the past two weeks, there are those of us who haveexperienced a post or nearly every post (as in the case of Overmind aka GrahamJ of Australia)being blocked or “shielded by the moderator”. As such, I’ve been going oversome of the interesting ideas and ‘facts’ behind why, several of us are indeed beingrandomly blocked when posting as we do, while others seem to run amuck, postinganything they feel appropriate.

I've compiled a small list of reasons that I hope will clearup and clarify the situation. Your posts being blocked may be caused by one ormore of the following;

1. Pilot Error- You must be doingsomething wrong when attempting to post. Have you made sure your head is cockedright 28*, your tongue is slightly out and your LEFT, not RIGHT eye is squintedslightly? Not doing so may result in piloting your keypad incorrectly, thusleading to a posting crash and/or failure.

2. Battery Issue- Never start off apost with the posting device being less 100% charged. Never attempt to post,read and then re-post as this can cause the device to suddenly drop from 90% to 7%then, catch fire and explode.

3. Balancing- Have you made surethat the required Nepoleonic Styled Aluminum Foil hat is well balanced? Anunbalanced hat can cause your head to bobble slightly out of the suggested 28*range. (See instruction #1)

4. Calibration- Have you insuredyou've calibrated your chair at least twice before sitting? Keep in mind, yourchair should be completely level prior to performing said calibration. Once thecalibration is complete, place your couch 4 meters to the left and sit on it,leaving the chair alone.

5. Positioning- Do your favoritebeverages sit to the Right, Left or dead center of you when posting? Deadcenter is the proper position to guarantee proper drinking frequencies.

According to current forum policy, not doing the above mayearn you a free ride and several nights stay at the Guantanamo Bay Resort.Featuring a beautiful view of Havana,secured grounds and your very own 5x5, concrete constructed cell-

Remember, there are not a large percentage of persons beingblocked so, you may experience naysayers on the subject matter or even thosewho just refuse to believe it to be a system malfunction of any kind.
I know it happens, I’ve had it happen. I feel your pain andhope this helps, with not being blocked further.

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