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GoPro 3 freezes up on DJI Phantom 2.
1130 3 2015-6-25
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Hi everybody,

I recently had a problem filming with my phantom 2. I generally use a GoPro Hero 3 on a gimbal zenmuse H3-3D.
It happened twice that my gopro freezed up while the Phantom was flying, it stopped recording. Do you have any idea of what could be the problem? I am using a SD card of 32 gb and I also tried to use the gopro not connected to the phantom and it works fine.
It happened twice since I started to use the Phantom, the gopro's and phantom's firmwares are updated. I noticed that both times that I had this problem I had connected the phantom to the pc with the assistan software.

Thank you!

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I was wondering the same thing maybe u are loosing power to the cam check to see if the battery is more then 30% while flying. Also since i had the same problem does.anyone know if u can use fc200 camera on a non vision dji phantom 2. I have two cameras so i would like to use.them i have all cables.needed to.try this but maybe it doesn't work this way so, I know the cameras work i can control the pitch.on the camera installed on a phantom2 no gopro just the vision no plus camera with sd card on the back plug wire is hook but no power to camera is there something im missing mind u  i have a dji phantom 2 vision and just wondering can i install the same came on a dji phantom 2
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I had the same problem this morning.  Were you able to find a solution that works for you ?
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Check your flex!
The flex cable that goes from the H33D mounting plate to side usb cable fray overtime. They are cheap and easy to change. If you have recently changed it, make sure you haven't installed it upside down.
Another thing is to check is the battery. You can disable the charging by taping up the top pins and leaving the 2 lower pins exposed for visual FPV. This is the mod to stop the horizontal lines interference. Just make sure you bat has enough juice otherwise you may have to fly back blind if the gopro has no power.
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