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No fly zone crash
427 4 2020-10-17
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Hi all,

Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone before.
I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard the other day and right away started getting Compass/GPS errors. So I snapped a couple pics and then attempted to land. Total flight time around 6 minutes.
It kept going in and out of ATTI mode, was very hard to control. Anyway, I was on my way to what I thought was going to be a controlled landing, brought it to a lower elevation over water because I was surrounded by trees. I was starting to bring it in towards land and all of a sudden I got a message saying Aircraft Disconnected and it dove into the water.

After analyzing the flight log I noticed it was in auto landing when it crashed. And looking closer I see it said I was in a no fly zone (6:16 in the flight log), which I was definitely not. Is there such thing as temporary no fly zone? Would the Compass/GPS errors make the drone think it was in a no fly zone when it wasn't? I kinda thought if that was the case, I'd see a lat/long in the flight log that was way off, but I don't see any anomalies with the lat/long. There are some height anomalies, for example at 6:18 the height jumps from 17ft to 239ft. Assuming that's why it dove into the water, it thought it was just decending. But why the auto landing in the first place?

Any suggestions?

(I was able to retreive it from the water using a kayak, lights were still flashing!!)

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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Dnd. I am sorry to read and to know what happened to your DJI Phantom 3 Standard and it is nice to know that you were able to retrieve the said DJI Drone. Since this unfortunate incident happened to the said drone. I would recommend for you to contact our DJI Support Team at for further assistance. We have a team that will do there best to help you and give out the best resolution for the said issue. Again, I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for your understanding.
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There were serious issues affecting that flight.
There are numerous speed error messages which indicate a disagreement between the IMU gyro sensors and the GPS data.
Most of the flight, the flight controller rated the GPS data 1/5 and so the drone was flying in atti mode.

Try a test flight in an open area to see if it was a one-off or a persistent issue that needs repairing.
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Hi Dnd,

Had a look at your data and read your questions.

At 6m16.5s a message "You are in a no-fly zone. Auto-landing Initiated"
Just before that at 6m16s no Lat Lon data written in the file.
AFAIK when flying in a restricted zone and drone looses GPS it will autoland.

But why it assumed that it was in a no-fly zone, no idea.
Normally when your start a flight or fly into a restricted zone you see a message on the screen, not in your flight.

Other data is not written in the log as well at and after 6m18 ; pitch roll data and heading of your P3.

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David Geens
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Does DJI update NOTAMS during a flight?
A few day's ago i was flying on my training spot not so far from my home. At that day there was in the province something to do.
This zone was from 12:30-16:30 a no-fly zone and i got a message from the app and i had to confirm during my flight about the riscs ...

Maybe this could be the cause?
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