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How to use PPK with P4MS - Questions about terrain awareness
239 1 2020-10-23
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Hi there,

I can't find any RINEX files on my P4MS to do a PPK correction so I guess it is still not supported.
From the P4MS User Manual I just got this information:


Could you give me a more precise answer than 'supported later'?
Are there already any plans of implementing PPK information?

I have another question about 'Terrain Awareness'. Since the DJI GS Pro App doesn't support this function, I would like to ask if there might be an update regarding this issue?
Since the P4RTK is able to fly in this mode it would be really nice to be able to import Digital Elevation Models also to the P4MS. I map forests in mountainous terrain and therefore rely on this function!

I'm very happy with the P4MS but PPK and Terrain awareness would make it just perfect. I'm literally forced to switch to another brand if these functions will not be supported soon.

Best regards,


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Glad you asked this question also! We bought one, partly because of PPK, and it's not supported!

I asked DJI and they sent me this on June 10th:

We are grateful to assist you with your concern. Regarding this issue, we are sorry to tell you that the current version does not support the PPK generation. Therefore, it doesn't have the Rinex data yet.

For this function, we have been reported to our senior engineers. Thank you for your time and understanding.
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