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I was asked to stream the high school football game from my Osmo plus. The other day I streamed some footage from my Mavic Pro on the DJI GO  4 app. I had 5g on my iPhone 12 but it only streamed at a horibal rate of 360p. I checking out the osmo + DJI GO Their is no option to stream in HD from what I could tell. I was thinking of trying YouTube but I go this message:Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
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Tried on my iPhone 11 same issue. So these are my questions

How can I stream in HD? 760p or greater
Dose YouTube let you stream on DJI GO IN HD?
Is there a issue with YouTube on DJI GO?
Can you change Facebook on DJI GO to stream at a higher rate?

I would prefer to stream on Facebook because that is were we have the link for people to watch the game. If there is a way to steam in HD and put a link on a Facebook page?

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Hello fans48d34f9f, thank you for reaching us out and my apologies this has caused you. You will need to allow DJI go app to access your YouTube account by going to the settings of your mobile device and select DJI go App then toggle on all the settings you can see there. You will need to do the same under the YouTube application.

On the other hand you can follow the steps below on how to live stream using Facebook.

1. Mount your mobile device in Osmo plus and launch DJI go app.
2. Tap "Settings" at the lower right corner and tap "Live"
3. Select "Facebook live" a prompt will show to login your Facebook account. Do not forget to allow all the access for the app once you login your Facebook account.
4. After logging in your Facebook account, it will start the livestream by selecting "Go live".
5. Change the name of your live video and add video description then select "Private" if you want the video will be seen on your end only, or "Public" if you want to share it publicly.
6. Then tap "Go live"

For your question about the resolution that you can get while streaming it will depend on your internet speed. To get a best result a Wi-fi is the recommended internet connection. You can stream in YouTube by following the steps above but instead of choosing Facebook, you will select YouTube.

Moreover, if the issue persist, kindly uninstall the DJI Go app and install it under this link:

By any chance you have the recommended device to use on to isolate the issue that is much better. Recommended device can also be found in that link provided above.

Update/refresh the firmware as well for the DJI Osmo + to ensure that all the issue has been fixed. You can get the firmware file in this link and navigate the "Firmware" section:

You can refer to the video below on how to update/refresh the firmware. The video is for Osmo but it will be just the same steps for Osmo+. Please keep us posted so that we can further assist you. Thank you.

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