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Camera Not Pointing At POI between Some Waypoints
238 0 2020-11-3
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Pete Mitchell
Flight distance : 1655971 ft

Good day all.

I'm having a problem that I haven't seen in the year that I have owned my Mavic 2 Zoom. I have a 12 Waypoint (WP) mission with only 1 Point-Of-Interest (POI). - All WPs are set to look at POI#1.
- Between WP #5 and WP#6 the camera does not look at the POI, but rather looks away from it.

Attempts to correct:
1) I've tried ARC and Poly.
2) I've rebuilt the mission from scratch
3) I've tried on multiple days (6 different days)
4) I've confirmed that I'm fully updated
5) I've confirmed that each WP is actually set to look at POI#1

Any advice would be appreciated. This is rendering my drone useless.

(This is my first post, and I appologize if this is covered elsewhere. I have made an effort to look, without success. )

Use props
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