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SmallHD 502 with the Ronin-M
1131 1 2015-6-26
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United Kingdom

Has anyone used a SmallHD 502 monitor with their Ronin-M?

My main question is.... can I safely power the SmallHD 502 (using a dummy battery) from the P-TAP on the Ronin-M?
I ask, because the Ronin-M kicks out 12V DC, and I am worried because the SmallHD is only supposed to take 6-8.4V...


Use props


Or the battery dummy works i cannot say.

Inside, every thing you can see every thing fine. Even without a sunhood.

But outside in the sun, with a monitor, even with a sunhood, you cannot see anything.
Tried it with my Small HD with sunhood (17 cm high)

Also there 's another possibility. Zacuto with Eyecab. Then its dark, and can you see every thing.

But of course you have to hold your Zacuto for your eye. With a magic arm you can place it, where you want.
You will miss some freedom. That's right. But otherwise you don 't see anyhing. Whats the better one?

A use a neckband. Fastened on the arms of the Ronin. Then its good to do.
And it helps to make some longer shots.

Ronin M + Nikon D810 + Samyang 35 mm + monitor weight about 5 kg.
After a few minutes, your glad to replace the Tonin M on it's rest.

Use props
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