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Missing photos
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Flight distance : 31857 ft
United Kingdom

Hi I have recently used my mavic mini to take some great photos I viewed them while I was using my drone but when I got home to download from the sd card  the photos I had recently  taken were nowhere to be found on the sd card nor on the drones memory’
The card has plenty of memory and I have never had this problem before.
Is their any way I could recover the photos.?
Many thanks mat
11-5 04:08
Use props
Second Officer
United States

I'm so sorry that happened and that must have been disappointing.  Are you a developer and this happened in your DJI SDK based app or are you a pilot using a ready-made app?  If you are a developer, can you post snippets of your relevant code?  If you are a pilot using DJI's app, please contact and if you are using a 3rd party app, please contact that app's support team.  
11-5 13:31
Use props


This is how SD cards act when they die.

There are data recovery services that could probably get your photos off the card. Connect the card directly to the PC and use MobiKin Doctor to conduct a scan of it.
11-12 21:53
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