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Pan always need rebalance
150 1 2020-11-5
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Hi, I buy my Ronin SC and i balance it like in tutorial and after Balance test app say to re balance pan axis.
So i did it one more time to make sure i balance it corectly.
Balance test end with same result. I check it with many tutorials and i'm 99% sure that pan axis is balanced corectly.
I see some posts with problem like mine but i can't find solution.
My android app version: 1.4.1(3339)
Ronin SC Firmware: (This version is after update. There is same probem before so i update firmware and it don't help. I don't check what is version before u update)

I hope that someone know some solution.
Thanks in advance.

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DJI Wanda

Hello there, thank you for your question about the balancing.

If the Pan axis can keep static when you put the gimbal incline angle on the 15° , it should be fine to use with the gimbal.
And we suggest you to  put the gimbal incline angle on around 30°  and not greater than 45°  to see if there is a different results. please handle the gimbal carefully when you retest under this situation.

Let us know if you have any updates.
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