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502 1 2020-11-7
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United States

I submitted my email information for my flight during the incident. I tried uploading the flight data from the DJI FLY app from my iPad mini and it doesn’t have a way for ,e to do so. I submitted my Mavic air 2 little over a week ago and just want to make sure this process keeps moving so I can get the replacement or the drone fixed.
Case number :   CAS-5354952-Z389H2
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DJI Diana
Flight distance : 2408 ft


Hi, Stargel13. We're sorry to know you had difficulties in uploading your flight records. You probably mistyped your case number, it should be CAS-5354952-Z3B9H2. I confirmed your case using your DJI Forum account. Please make sure and confirm if the steps below were followed in exporting FLY App's flight records.

For Apple’s iOS device (iPhone or iPad), please:
1. Install and run iTunes and then connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer
2. In iTunes, go to “Account” > “Authorization” > “Authorize this computer”. Please
use your Apple account and password to complete the authorization
3. (1) Click on the device icon; (2) Go to “App” and then scroll down the page a little
bit; (3) Choose “DJI GO” or “DJI GO 4” accordingly.
4. For Flight Record files, please click “FlightRecords” folder; for Cached Video files,
please click the “videoCache” folder;
5. And then click “Save as…” then save the files to your computer’s local storage;
6. For Flight Record files, please send us the entire folder; for the Cached Video, please
send the related files to us. It’s most recommended to use Google Drive for the file

Please see the sample attachment for your reference.

Additionally, we'll seek the corresponding team if your records were uploaded successfully. Any further notifications and updates will be provided to you via email. Using your correct case number, you can also use the Repair Progress Inquiry feature.

Hope this helps.
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