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Photo ID on screen please
130 0 2020-11-7
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Fran├žois Foulem

Hi folks,
I have a Mavic 2 zoom and the Smart Controller.
I have a contract to do a visual photographic survey of instrastructure, which will require I take a lot of close-up pictures of brick walls, to assess mortar condition.

I need to index the pictures in order to sequence them later in relation to one another and the whole wall I'm photographing.

I can't find how to show on screen - at the time the picture is taken - the name of that file.  This would be great as I would transribe this info into a paper log which shows relative placement of that portion of the brick wall.   I'm sure you can easily understand how one picture of a brick wall will look a whole lot like the others. So doing this after the photoshoot will be a confusing puzzle.

So, apart from flipping into Play mode after each picture to see it's file name, is there an easier way to see the pic file name?

Many thanks!

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