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Low Level Control - Mavic 2
151 1 2020-11-12
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I'm a student for the Autonomous Systems Laboratory at Instituto  Superior de Engenharia do Porto and my team is working on developing an  indoor navigation system for the Mavic 2, to be implemented at  warehouses for inventory management.

We were exploring the usage of Windows SDK, since the Mavic 2 was  listed as supported on the website, but we're having trouble with low  level control of the drone. After some research, we've come to the  conclusion that this SDK only supports low level control on Wi-fi mode  which is not supported for the drone, is this correct?

Is there any way we can control the drone speeds directly with the  Windows SDK? Should we try to implement the system in the mobile SDK  instead?

Thank you for your attention.

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South Africa

WSDK is still in beta which means many function hasn't been implemented yet. We suggest you go use MSDK to develop. Please be aware that the GPS signal is none indoor which means you cannot use any mission type functions. Also, it is hard to know the position indoor, you need to use the virtual stick to control the drone by using sendVirtualStickFlightControlData.
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