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RONIN-SC Shaking even after recalibration
154 1 2020-11-12
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United States

I have a Ronin-SC and put it together today to use it. It all worked fine until I turned it off momentarily only to turn it back on and be met with violent shaking. I understood that meant I just needed to re-balance it, so I did. After I balanced it, when I turned it on it wouldnt work at all. The motors wouldnt work no matter what I did. The app also would not connect to it. After a while it finally turned back on and would work for a couple seconds before shaking again. No matter how well I balance it, it won't stop shaking. The firmware on the app is up to date and I'm using a compatible camera (Sony A7ii) Any help is appreciated.
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Sounds like a bad balance and motors went into self protection mode. Did you pass the balance test in the app?
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