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Ronin RS2 Raven Eye + Sony A7iii not working
500 2 2020-11-15
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Yar Vishnyakov
United Kingdom

Hi All,

I have the following set-up: Ronin RS2 with raven eye + Sony A7iii + Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens

Raven eye does not transmit the image (app and camera shows similar black screens with sync picture):



However it looks like the Raven Eye is connected - I was able to use joystic in app to manipulate the gimbal


Just in case please finf the photos with my set-up (cables) and settings for my SONY A7iii:
Cntr w/Smartphone - no
USD Connection - PC Remote
File format (was trying with both 4K and HD)

Cable settings screens :
Light is GREEN



Camera setting screens:

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Yar Vishnyakov
United Kingdom

It looks like the problem was in the cable, replaced UCB-C to USB-C with Sony Multi - now it works
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hey, I got a couple issues with the same set up (Rs2 + raveneye + A7III)

1. I notice if you press the shutter while everything is connected, it doesn't actually initiate recording in sequence with raven eye monitor (iPhone) and the actual gimbal, but if you press the record button on the gimbal, it will record but stop recording on the camera. In the end, nothing will be saved and you will have to try and re-sequence all recording buttons to stop recording in order to be able to record again (should only use the button on gimbal or phone monitor). I did a whole shoot yesterday which made me learned the hard way and lost the footage. It was weird to note that it could not be previewed, transferred, nor recovered from my SD via camera or connected to computer but, when I connect the gimbal, raven eye and A7iii, then I can only see it on my phone monitor playback through the app.

my video footage that I desperately need can not be found on my SD card to retain original 120 frames and quality, now can only be taken through the app downloaded directly to my phone which renders it useless to me and I don't know how to fix it.

2. big issue for me currently as shown in the picture attached (could be a user or settings error) but when I switch to 120FPS and 1/250, it will record with all the Sony display menu showing and won't actually record and save to SD sometimes. its normal when im in VAVC S 4K, but as soon as i switch to XAVC S HD, screen goes blank, iphone monitor shows camera view, and video shows all settings.

you can see in this screenshot of the video that I downloaded via playback in the ronin app that it had all the Sony settings displayed and didn't retain original quality. in addition, It is no where to be found on my SD card, only when connectedted to raven eye, I can then preview it in the app. please help!
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