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Battery Life For First Responders
1108 2 2020-11-21
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Captain Corey
United States

Hi everyone. I am a volunteer firefighter in CT. I am also a private pilot so the department chose me to get the commercial drone license. There are four others who are also getting it.

Our drone is the Inspire 1. We have about eight batteries for it. We also have an infared camera. We use it for search and rescue and to locate hot spots in brush fires. So we can need the drone at a moments notice. However almost everything you read states the batteries should not stay fully charged. What recomendations do you have for our purpose....where the drone could be needed at a moments notice and if the batteries are half charged, we won't have time to charge them enough for our mission.


Corey  Shaker
Captain Woodbury Fire Department
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In that case your 'need' will outwin the 'best case' scenario.
I would keep the batteries you need ICE fully charged at all time.
The others can best be stored at 50% at room temperature.

Name your batteries so you use them sequentially and test them every now and then for decrease in flight time.
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United States

Same issue at State prison complex, I have Color coded two sets and rotate every two weeks.
We use ours every three days or so. After two years Battery's are about 97 % Total Log time 13hrs.
I insure to due the maintenance as recommended using airdata-UAV

Mavic 2 Enterprise
Type:        Mavic 2 Battery
Model:        Mavic2 (4 cells)
Max Capacity:        3850 mAh
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