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DJI Fly on Android doesn't tag panos "correctly" for FB
1735 1 2020-11-25
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Peter Galbavy
Second Officer
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United Kingdom

I played a bit at the weekend with my new Mini 2 and created a couple of spherical panoramas. Now I understand that the original full sized images are on the SD card I did try to post the smaller one from the DJI Fly app to FB to astonish my friends (OK, I am being slightly sarcastic there).

Two things,

1. DJI Fly 1.2.1 on Android doesn't share images correctly when you choose the option from the app. Instagram 'works' for normal images, but posts panos as plain images.

2. The image is not tagged right for FB (or Instgram) to be a 360 image, as per

Using their simple suggestion of exiftool (on Linux in this case) to ass a ProjectionType tag works. e.g.

  exiftool -ProjectionType="equirectangular" photo.jpg

Upload to FB and all is well.

I assume, given DJI favour for Apple products, this is not an issue on iPhones, but can anyone using Android confirm my observations and anyone from DJI can I ask this is reported if not already?
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Same issue here:
It only shows correctly in SkyPixel, but not in Facebook nor in the Samsung Gallery also does not detect it as 360 photo.

The Spheres from Air 2 are detected without issue in my cellphone and in facebook as well and their quality is far superior out of the box.

Missing metadata from the FlyApp output with low 8mp resolution. And broken DNGs so we can't stitch ourselves . At this point the the Sphere mode is useless in the Mini 2

Please fix  both issues.
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