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Litchi, the Mavic Mini and 32 bit tablets
490 0 2020-11-27
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Hello All,

Good news for those of you who fly with 32 bit tablets. Litchi just released the supported version of the software that works on the Mavic Mini. This is the Mavic Mini 1 only and as soon as DJI releases the SDK for the Mini 2, Litchi will work on that drone also.

Dronelink will also work with the 32 bit tablets and also supports the Mavic Mini 1.

Thanksfully we have two third party vendors that are supporting us. DJI could have included all these birds they brought out with the existing Go 4 applications but choose not to. You have to wonder who their engineers and marketing people are?

Then again, we are talking about DJI who is the worst in the industry for customer support!

Use props
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