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DJI TSDK (Thermal SDK) officially launched
1308 5 2020-11-29
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South Africa

1.      What is DJI TSDK?
DJI TSDK (Thermal SDK) is a free and open source SDK provided for DJI users. Users can develop their own software based on TSDK in Windows or Linux environment to develop such as R-JPEG infrared photo processing and temperature measurement.
2.      Which cameras are suitable for TSDK to process infrared photos?
Zenmuse H20T and Zenmuse XT S are now suitable for TSDK.
3.      How to download TSDK?
You can directly visit the download page of Zenmuse H20 series camera or Zenmuse XT S camera on DJI official website and download TSDK for free:
4.      Is there a detailed introduction to TSDK?
Download and unzip TSDK archive file, you can look up the following files for details:
n Introduce the development environment of TSDK and the usage of executable programs under utility directory
n  License.txt: Declare the license information of TSDK
n  doc/index.html: List the detailed interface information of TSDK API (tsdk-core/api/dirp_api.h)
n  sample/, sample/build.bat: are scripts for automatic compilation of test programs under Linux and Windows
n  dataset: several R-JPEG samples for testing
5.      How can I get help when I encounter problems in the development process?
If you encounter related problems in the development process, you can leave a message directly below, and we will answer them in time. You can also contact DJI after-sales or solution engineers for feedback.

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Thanks for the info!
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gatesgodman Posted at 12-21 11:36
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United States

Thank you for posting this.

I tried using the SDK  to extract temperatures. I used the following command from the

Input R-JPEG and output global temperature value image which pixel type is INT32 or FLOAT32.


./dji_irp.exe -s ../../../../dataset/H20T/DJI_0001_R.JPG -a measure -o measure.raw

./dji_irp.exe -s ../../../../dataset/H20T/DJI_0001_R.JPG -a measure -o measure_float.raw --measurefmt float32

However, the output from either command does not look like temperature per pixel. The mean output is 6.656730582892192e-300, and 263783678.7321654 respectively for the first and second command. I would expect the temperature output to be within 10 – 40 degree in Celsius. The shape of the output is not corresponding to the shape of the test image, which is 640 by 512.

Is there any way to output pixel to pixel temperature values using this SDK? Any information would be appreciated.
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Amandap Posted at 2020-12-28 07:06
Thank you for posting this.

I tried using the SDK  to extract temperatures. I used the following command from the

Qustion A:
I've tested with your two commands. But their outputs are OK. You can open them with ImageJ software.
The measure.raw can be opened as [Image ypte:16-bit Signed], [Width: 640], [Height: 512], [Little-endian byte order: checked]. And every pixel value shoul be dividered by 10.0f, then you will get the pixel degree in Celsius.
The measure_float.raw can be opened as [Image ypte:32-bit Real], [Width: 640], [Height: 512], [Little-endian byte order: checked]. And every pixel value is the degree in Celsius.

Qustion B:
TSDK can only caculate temperature value with full image size. If you want to get the temperature value of a single pixel, you must get the pixel value of the specified coordinate from whole temperature images.
1-7 18:46
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