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Active track on phone (without cam)
144 1 2020-11-30
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Hi everybody!

Newbie with a (probably dumb) question about the Ronin SC.

In some situations I want to leave the camera at home and just use my iPhone for a quick video. Is it possible to use active track while shooting with the iphone?

I used to have a seperate gimbal for my smartphone which could, but since that died on me I'm a little hestitate to buy a new one when I own the SC.

Naturally I've tried it, but when pushing the record button on the gimbal the app states I need a cable to start recording. I guess it is because the Gimbal doesn't know I'm planning to use the iPhone camera.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Thanks guys!
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#Quick Reply Here#Have you tried attaching a cable from your phone to the gimbal, just as you would connect a camera?  I don't know that it will work but that would be my next step.  I've got similar questions...I'm looking to buy an RSC2 and use it with my smartphone exclusively.  With lenses and filter, my phone rig is big and heavy, so smaller gimbals are not working.  I was going to post a new thread but thought I'd ask you since you're kinda doing the same thing.  Is active track the only feature that you are missing/having issues with because of no camera?
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