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Ronin SC 'Pan Needs Rebalance'
152 2 2020-12-1
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Sam Halmarack
United Kingdom

Hi there,
Like others on the forum I am having trouble with the pan axis and the Balance Test ony my Ronin SC

I have spent all day trying to figure this out.

I am 100% sure that I have it physically balanced on all Axis. I can tilt the device beyond 45 degrees and the pan axis doesn't move at all. And yet the pan power value is above the range of +/-5 and I consistenly get the 're-balace required' when I run the balance tests. Please see video.

The App Version I'm running is v1.4.4 and the Firmware is

The camera I'm using is a GH5. I've tried with a variety of lenses big and small and the outcome is the same. All well within the weight limit of the Gimbal.

Please can you advise,

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DJI Wanda

Hello there, thanks for reaching out with us.

We suggest you to test the gimbal by tilt the gimbal around 15 degrees (see the pic below), if the pan axis keeps still, then there is no need to re-balanced.

You can also tilt the gimbal around 30 degrees and retest the balance, to see if the result turns to normal.

Let us know if above info works or not, thanks.
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United States

I'm having the same problem. Mine only wants to point to the left at almost 90 degrees from center. If I try to move it to line up with the joystick I get a pan overload warning and it goes into sleep.
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