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microphone won't connect
555 3 2020-12-1
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I had paired my microphone succesfully last week but now it wont respond to the pairing button as the lght is a solid green. but on the OSMO itself it isn't paired bevause it doesn't show and when I enter the settings it shows it can't pair
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Hi, energiaflows. Sorry to read about the difficulties you're experiencing. If you're referring to the DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter, please try the following recommendations and see if that helps.

1. Please restart the DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle and DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter, and try linking again.
2. Please ensure that your DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter has power. If not, please try it again after it is fully charged.
3. Please ensure that your D.JI Wireless Microphone Transmitter is not connected with another wireless microphone. If not, disconnect the wireless microphone and try linking again.
4. Please make sure that the firmware of the DJI Pocket 2, DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle, and DJI Wireless Microphone Transmitter are all the latest version. If not, update the firmware and try linking again.
5. Please swipe down on the touchscreen of the D.J Pocket 2, and swipe left to check whether there Wireless Mic icon. If not, remove and insert the DJI Pocket 2 Do-It-All Handle again.

Kindly keep us updated.
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Hi energiaflows, is the wireless mic light still solid green if pocket2 is powered off?

if so would you plz try :
1. click the pairing button making pocket 2 searching for wireless mic.
2. power on (switch on) the wireless microphone and simultaneously press the pair button, making the wireless mic green led blinking (into the pairing).   check whether it can connect to pocket2 .

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Hello DJI community, I just got a DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo & I have the same issue pairing the wireless mic.
I connected the DJI Pocket 2 to my iPhone & the Mimo app & it updated the firmware.
I'm following the process to pair the wireless mic with the Do-It-All plug, when I turn on the mic transmitter the light turn green as the Do-It-All as well but when I try pairing I get the "Wireless mic not found" error.
Here is the video of what I'm doing & the error:
I followed the process provided by DJI moderator switching on & off, etc but doesn't work.
How can I update wireless mic firmware?
Please help
2-5 02:28
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