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New Mavic 2 Pro first flight (at night) behaves weirdly
119 1 2020-12-5
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Rob Mag

United States

Got my mavic 2 pro today and I went to an open parking lot for a quick test flight to make sure everything works well. It was at night but still with pretty sufficient street light.

I flew mavic pro previously so am pretty familiar with the operation. Found two weird things:
1. The first two take-offs, it ascended to about 2 feet high with the light on, but instead of hovering there, it started drifting away, dropping to the ground, and bumped twice on the ground then the propeller stopped.
2. I thought maybe it was due to the light environment close to the ground, so the 3rd time I asended it to about 10 feet after taking off. It didn't drop again, and was able to follow the control, but when I stopped the control to let it hover, it started to drift a bit. It was very weird and confusing since there wasn't any wind at all.

Luckily looks like the gimbal still works properly, but I am quite concerned. Has anyone experienced it? Thanks!
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Hi, Rob Mag. We're sorry to read about your unfortunate experience. It is suggested to test it again during daylight to see if it makes any difference. In addition, please perform a quick IMU and Compass Calibration (preferably in an open location, away from metal and magnetic interference). Kindly ensure also that the aircraft has enough GPS signal before take-off, the vision system is working properly and all firmware is up to date.
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