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P3P Battery voltage problem..
2374 3 2015-6-30
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heyo peeps

for those that dont have the voltage visible on your main flying screen i recommend you turn it on..
flew the P3 the other day and not even 15 seconds after take off the plane went straight into an autoland
due to voltage probs. (voltage suddenly showed up red just under the battery % in the main screen)
After t/off i climbed straight and straffed up to 40m ,  15 secs later when the P3 initiated the auto land it was above someones house. I could not cancel the auto land or give it climb throttle however i was able to steer it
to a safe landing in the park a few meters away. Good thing i was at a high enough altitude when it all happend. took  5secs to work out what was going on and find a spot to land. Total flight was 30sec!
Landed without a scratch.

its the second time that this has happened..
and upon inspecting the voltage of the battery no:1 that came with the phantom3 i notice that the voltage of one of the cells is 0.02-0.03volts lower than the other cells..
I am also not able to get a full 100% charge from the battery.. it always is showing 97-98% straight after a full charge.
I has only been charge cycled 6 times as you can see in the pic.

Question 1:

So im left wondering if this is a faulty battery or is the 0.03volt difference normal? and if its normal why is it not charging to 100%?
FYI (i did a full discharge to 5% and then full charge to the max before i took the screen shots)

Question 2:
does any one have any history information showing or is it just mine.. i was hoping to check the log in the history for the voltage error but history record 01 etc is always showing N/A

(n yes the battery is same firmware as phantom.. 1.1.8)
(n no my other 2 batteries do not have any issues )


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Tim D
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United States

That voltage difference is normal. Not charging to 100% is not. I was thinking that maybe your battery connections to your drone did make a good contact. But saw you cannot charge to 100%.
Buy a replacement and send it back to DJI.
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I agree with Tim D. A .02v difference is not enough to be concerned about. The charging problem is a genuine concern.

My personal experience with LiPo batteries is that you may see .02 - .03 differences in cell voltages during one cycle. Then, during the next cycle or the one after that, they get closer, even the same voltage.
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Any difference in cell voltages less that .1 is acceptable..  4.3 volts on 3 of the cells and 4.21 on the 4th cell is acceptable although the battery is getting weak now 4.3 on 3 cells and 4.19 on the 4th is a battery I would be real careful running but I still would considering every other lipo battery I own which is about 30 of them has a fully charged cell voltage of 4.18 to 4.2 volts..  I feel dji is slightly over charging the cells of the p3 battery by .1 of a volt but then again that could just be how they designed it, I'm use to 4.2 volts per cell being the norm on every other lipo battery I've ever seen, although I do have a charger that allows me to change the fully charged cell voltages to 4.5 which I would never do...  But considering the fully charged cell voltage normally being 4.2 volts according to any literature you can find on a lipo battery I would still run a p3 battery as long as any of the cell voltages are 4.2 volts or higher..  Any lower I may still run it but would watch it carefully and would keep my p3 close by and not as high as I normally fly in case a cell craps out and drops voltage real fast, I then would have a better chance landing it in 1 piece..  Any cell voltage lower than 4.1 I wouldn't even take the chance on running the battery and I would thing since it's a smart battery that it wouldn't allow a p3 to take off with anything abnormal about its cell voltages..  This is my 2 cents
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