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Tello firmware bug! And a really bad feature.
2523 0 2020-12-20
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Here's a really bad problem I get, when flying the Tello:

I take off and increase altitude to 10-15 meters. There is no wind and 0 meters, and some wind at 10 meters height. The VPS starts tilting the Tello as it encounters the wind, to keep it in one place. Lets say that the Tello tilt angle gradually becomes 15 degrees, into the wind, to compensate. Then, at 15 meters, VPS is lost and I have to take over and fly it manually.

BUT I CANNOT, BECASE THE FIRMWARE LIMITS THE TILT ANGLE WHEN VPS IS OFF. The maximum possible tilt angle is 10 degrees, with VPS off, and no amount of manual piloting will compensate for a wind that needs 15 degrees of tilt. The drone can suddenly only tilt 10 degrees into the wind, when VPS is lost, and the wind starts carrying the drone away, because the drone needs 15 degrees of tilt into the wind to stay in one place. And I can only "tell" it to tilt 10 degrees.

The drone then ends up 50 meters downwind or into a tree, by the time I have managed to land it.

PLEASE REMOVE THE TILT ANGLE LIMITS WITH VPS OFF, or make sure that VPS is switched off ("lost") as soon as the drone tilt angle reaches 10 degrees when hovering (or whatever the actual tilt angle limit is if it is not 10 degrees).Another way to look at this is to say that there is a speed limit with VPS off, and if the speed of the wind is above the speed limit with VPS off but bellow the maximum possible drone speed, then as soon as VPS is loss the drone starts getting swept away by the wind, even though it can still be piloted and landed in the right place manually if the firmware allowed it.

The real problem here, is that I cannot know if there is wind at 15 meters or not, and I cannot know if the light conditions are good enough for VPS to be OK at 15 meters. The only thing that I can do is cross my finges and hope that there is no wind, and that VPS won't be lost. There is no way to know in advance if the above described event is going to happen.
What I can do, is be prepared to take over manually if VPS is lost, and hover it in one place until the drone lands..but this is impossible if suddenly the drone is less able to fly into a wind on the way downwards (with VPS off), than it was on the way upwards (with VPS on).
The end-user need a MORE controllable drone when VPS is lost, and not a less controllable drone, and "controllable" means "controllable into a wind" when flying outdoors!

Use props
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