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Can't Update Ronin S Firmware on Mac
513 1 2020-12-29
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Hi everyone,

I purchased a new Ronin S a few months ago but haven't been able to use it since the pandemic really slowed business. I picked up a video gig and need to use my Ronin S but saw I needed to update the firmware. I've been unable to do so because it hasn't opened on my Mac. For background, I'm using the latest version Big Sur. I contacted DJI. who sent me a list of things I should do and honestly I'm really annoyed by it. I was told to download it from their site (which I did), and if that failed to download something from a GitHub link and then something else. It was just WAY too much work, and unnecessarily. I don't see why they couldn't just create something simple that required one link as opposed to multiple links and downloads and especially ones that didn't even work. Anyway, everything I tried failed. At first I got an error message saying I can't open the link because Apple can't detect if there's malware on it and then everything DJI told me to do that I did failed and I'm not getting a message that HORNDIS (this program or something something they told me to download to run for the Ronin S didn't work either). Anyone else have this problem or has a solution or suggestions? I'm losing out on gigs by not being able to use it and that sucks. I also don't remember having to go through this much freaking work the last time I updated the firmware and it was simple. I definitely don't recall downloading DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin or anything like that and don't understand why DJI is making something as simple as updating firmware such a long, difficult, and tedious process.

Sorry for the rant, thanks for the help,
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This seems to be a common problem for us mac users now. I already didn't get, why on earth the whole update situation needs HoRNDIS to run. Do they only have android developers? Along with the insanity of these hundreds of software packages you need to install firmware, to run or maintain the products. Almost every new product produces about two more apps... this HAS to be easier than the way they do it...

I can't upgrade my Ronin-S either. The App hasn't been updated since 2019 and I am sure it won't be worked on anymore, but just dumped. Find a friend with a Windows PC or an older mac... I guess that's what I will have to do.

Service and Customer Care Points for DJI ? Zero.
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