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The FAA has spoken!
598 1 2020-12-29
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United States

Well they published the new-new drone rules. One thing striking to me is the inclusion of rotating parts that can’t lacerate human skin. So, for the benefit of all the forum, who can test each drone for their skin laceration ability? I’m not feeling up for it- My trusty old spark made me bleed all over years ago.

I sold all my big drones anticipating the remote ID stuff and picked up a Mini 2 for this exact reason. I’m really banking DJI can figure this bureaucratic nonsense out for the sake of the whole community. Being a pilot of a real airplane, I can tell you none of this will make me safer flying and none of it will make you safer as a passenger. These rules are purely there to catch idiots being idiots... So don’t be an idiot.

For anyone who wants to be put to sleep, here is the FAA imparting it’s wisdom on the world:
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United States

knowledge is power, what will happen with old or this new drones, any info yet on retrofit on models that will need retrofit and models that dont need....or there will be a firmware update....

1-10 16:48
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