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A2 CoC Confusion In Portugal
2046 2 2020-12-31
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Craig Rogers
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As we move into the EU/UK new regulation, I have some confusion with the A2 CoC.

I live in Portugal and as usual, the Portuguese authorities are not ready for this new system.  They don't even have pilot registrations available yet with a note stating 'come back after December 31st'.  I'll place my bets that this will stay like this for many months to come!

However, on the EASA site, it states that for pilot competance you must 'complete the training and pass the exam defined by your national competant authority'.

For most of you, it seems that the online A2 training and online exam is all that is required.  However, on the ANAC (Portugese authority) it states the following;

•  Familiarize yourself with the UAS manufacturer's instruction manual (read and know the manual);

•  Be the holder of a proof (certificate) of completion of training and exam A1 / A3;

• Take  a self-training course in the A3 sub-category (the remote operator organizes and performs the self-training itself);

•  Training, face-to-face examination and certificate issued by an Authority of any Member State of the European Union.

That last point is odd and doesn't make any sense as nowhere in the EU or UK have I seen that a face-to-face exam is required.

Anyone else have any ideas?

As I said, here in Portugal, it's impossible to be ready for tomorrow as there isn't even a registration available yet, so can't even get a pilot ID.

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United Kingdom

For the UK I think the face-to-face exam was shelved earlier in the year due to covid.  Its still required for GVC.
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Hi Craig, the information in this post might not be 100% correct.

You should register yourself as a pilot in the AAN website and register your associated drone, requesting authorization whenever you fly your drone in certain areas. This authorization requires some time for approval.

Please visit:


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