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pocket 2 4K functions and others
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Maestro N.S.E.
Flight distance : 18091 ft

I would like to ask why is there missing 4K for motion lapse? or timelapse?
And also why is there missing object track in 4K 30 FPS HQ?
This should be full 4K camera but I cant use it as  I want because everything is missing here

Also in PHOTO mode when I zoom in it just cut me out from original photo and save to to SD card,
also 360 panorama is missing.
and other panorama modes have very low quality why?

I feel that I bought testing betaversion product again and instead of updating it by time there will be new one and more expensive.

Sorry for my bad english but there are my questions and disapointments about this product.
its similar to my Mavic 2 pro problem where also missing 4K timelapse modes or 4K 60 FPS.
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Use props

There are limits to the processing which can be done in such a small device without serious overheating.  So its abilities are restricted to those which won't cause it to melt.  Which is good.

Panoramas created in the app are restricted in quality, and are intended to be adequate for social media and other sharing.  To create full quality panoramas, use software in a PC and download the original unstitched files from the SD card.
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Use props
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